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Let Ignorance Set You Free

Consultant and teacher Frank Hertz (Stanton Nash) speaks to Emily Amy Lauren Becca (Jessica Fontana @iamjessfontana) about his 10-week workshop, "Faking It Forever: A Fast Track Guide to Speaking With Authority on Subjects You Know Nothing About", his unique style of meditation, and how he became the leading (and only) acupicturist in central California.


More about this episode:

Stanton Nash (Frank Hertz)

Stanton Nash is an actor, writer, and proud member of the NYC artist class. He has created scripts for film, stage, and performed live around the country. He is also a really big deal. Like, in case you’re reading this bio and you haven’t somehow heard of him, just know, he’s, like, I mean… well let’s just say that his IMDB STARmeterTM is hitting, like, in the hundreds*. Graduate of University of Minnesota and DeSoto Belt Line Elementary.

*of thousands

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